Sabbath | Practice #6

How did memory work go? Were you able to take on that spiritual practice and have a Scripture IN you that you haven’t before. I hope so. Just as a reminder, practices take time. We don’t get their benefit over night. But in time, God can use them to help transform us and bring us in closer relationship with Christ. Well it occurs to me since this is the 7th spiritual practice I am sharing, that maybe we should remember what the Lord God did on the seventh day- and look at the notion of sabbath keeping. Keeping sabbath is a spiritual practice and it is not an easy one. Few people in the church I imagine, actually take a full sabbath day, a day where they don’t work and focus rather on being with God and enjoying the things God has given uniquely to them. How does the thought of a full day off from any work to just be with God sound to you? Inviting, overwhelming, awesome, scary? Welcome to a day set apart. Even when we are all safe at home, we can get busy and preoccupied with work. Here is a practice we read about in the 10 Commandments. In the Hebrew understanding of sabbath, this 24 hour period was different than all other days. Jesus is sometimes called the Lord of the Sabbath and He taught that God gave sabbath to us as a restorative and recouperating gift.

Spiritual Practice: Sabbath Keeping

Scriptures: Exodus 20:8-10; Mark 2:27; Hebrews 4:1, 9-11

Practice Includes: Setting aside a block of time to be with the God you love and the people you love; letting go of the tyranny of the urgent and seeking an inner peace; practicing restful activities- a long walk or hike, a nap, visiting someone you love, sharing a ‘cuppa’ with a friend, a family game, reading a book, etc.; resting in God and with God; letting difficult conversations or tasks wait for another day; letting go of your ‘to-do’ list for one day. 

Potential Fruits: freedom from the addiction to hurry sickness, busyness and rushing; keeping company with Jesus throughout a twenty four hour period; obeying one of the 10 Commandments.

A few questions to ponder about the practice: How does sabbath encourage your worship and enjoyment of time with God.; what difficulties and challenges do you have in trying to keep a sabbath?; what happens to you when you go without regular rhythms that allows you to rest as in a sabbath day?

~ Keeping sabbath requires intentionality and planning initially. Getting a good nights sleep is part of a sabbath day. How is God inviting you to prepare and plan a sabbath day and how will you delight in it?

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